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二零一五年十二月大学英语四六级考试已完成,许多试题刚开始注目答案进行估分。为便捷试题估分,我梳理了英语四级听力考试的回答,供参考。1. C. They enjoyed the movie on space exploration.2. B. At a gift shop.3. D. He declined a job offer from the art gallery.4. A. He will be unable to attend the birthday party.5. A. Set a deadline for the staff to meet.6. D. The way to the visitor's parking.7. B. He has benefited from exercise.8. D. The secretaries in the man's company.Conversation One9. A. It is used by more people than English.10. C. The influence of the British Empire.11. B. It includes a lot of words from other languages.Conversation Two12. A. To place an order.13. C. He is not familiar with the exact details of the goods.14. C. It depends on a number of factors.15. D. Ring back when she comes to a decision.Passage One16. A) No one knows for sure when they came into being.17. D) Carry ropes across rivers.18. C) To prove that lightening is electricity.Passage Two19. C) She can speak several languages.20. B) They have an intense interest in cross-cultural interactions.21. C) She was able to translate for a German sports judge.22. B) Taste the beef and give her comment.【小短文3】23. D) He grew up in a poor single parent family.24. A) Stupid25. B) Write two book reports a week.。